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An updated mixed layer depth climatology

By Clement de Boyer Mont├ęgut, available on SEANOE https://www.seanoe.org/data/00806/91774/
The dataset made available here is the monthly climatology (i.e. 12 months) of ocean surface Mixed Layer Depth (MLD) over the global ocean, at 1 degree x 1 degree spatial resolution. It is provided as a netcdf data file embedded in a tar file at bottom of this page. A short documentation about the product is also available as a pdf readme file. The climatology is based on about 4.5 million casts/profiles of temperature and salinity measurements made at sea between January 1970 and November 2021. Those profiles data come from the ARGO program and from the NCEI-NOAA World Ocean Database (WOD). The MLD is computed on each individual cast/profile using a threshold criterion. The depth of the mixed layer is defined as the shallowest depth where the surface potential density of the profile is superior to a reference value taken close to the surface added with the chosen threshold. Here we take a threshold value for the density of 0.03kg/m3, and a surface reference depth fixed at 10m (de Boyer Mont├ęgut et al. JGR 2004, see reference details at bottom of page). This mixed layer is by definition homogeneous in density (up to 0.03 kg/m3 variations) and can also be called an isopycnal layer.


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